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  • Opening a Corporate Bank Account in Hong Kong

    Today companies can choose from several international and local banks for opening a corporate bank account in Hong Kong. SMEs account for a large percentage of companies in Hong Kong and are a significant customer base for banks. Excellent cash management facilities, Internet banking that helps keep track of money movements, trade financing, short term and long term loans are the key finance requirements of any enterprise. All major banks in Hong Kong, local and international alike, have designed products and services to address these needs.

  • Supporting a Business

    Our free guides provide useful information about operating a business in Hong Kong. The information is presented in the form of short articles on various topics that are organised in categories below.

  • Guides to forming a company

    This section provides guides for starting a new business for several different business sectors in Hong Kong.

  • Guides to incorporation entity types

    This section provides guides on Hong Kong incorporation entity types.

  • General Compliance & Annual Filing Requirements for Hong Kong Companies

    The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of the on-going statutory compliance and annual filing requirements for Hong Kong private limited companies.

  • Hong Kong Tax Calculator

    You can estimate your annual Hong Kong taxes using the calculator below. The calculator also provides comparable taxes for other countries so that you can determine how Hong Kong stacks up against your country.


  • Hong Kong Double Tax Treaties

    If returns on cross-border investment were taxed twice, global economic growth and expansion would be seriously impeded. Tax treaties between countries seek to prevent such double-taxation. Hong Kong has an extensive network of such treaties. These treaties have strengthened its position as an economic hub of Southeast Asia and have helped break down the tax barriers that obstruct cross-border flow of trade, investment, technical know-how and expertise between Hong Kong and the rest of the world.


  • Calculating Taxable Income for Hong Kong Companies

    Corporate tax (also commonly known as profits tax in Hong Kong) is calculated on a company’s assessable profits. The assessable profits are calculated by making various adjustments to the company’s net profit and loss accounts for the taxable period.


  • Closing down a Hong Kong Company

    Closing down a company in Hong Kong involves a certain number of formal steps and the overall process can take many months to complete. Depending on how the company is being closed, this process can also be expensive therefore the decision to do so must be made after careful thought and consideration.

  • Hong Kong Personal Income Tax

    The tax experts at Hawksford get asked questions daily about how to better manage personal taxes in Hong Kong and how to best file them, so we've listed below their guidance.

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